Lynn Scurfield/ Illustrator + dog enthusiast 

Hello! I'm an illustrator living in a sleepy town just outside of Toronto, Ontario. My work is defined by crazy colours and textures with strong emotional qualities.

Outside of editorial I'm trying to teach myself 3D and Unity to hopefully one day make some cool games so stay tuned for that!


Awards and Recognition:
- Selected American Illustration 35th edition
- Selected American Illustration 34th edition
- Winner Creative Quarterly
- Applied Arts Student Awards
- Uppercase Magazine New Talent

Client List: 
The New York Times, The Walrus Magazine, The Atlantic, The Scientist, Intercom, Reader's Digest, Faith Today Magazine, Warcry Magazine, Canadian Wildlife Magazine, Lehigh University, The Baffler, The Globe & Mail, Avenue (Edmonton), Avenue (Calgary), Corporate Knights,, Bust, Willamette Weekly, Broken Pencil, The Ryerson Review, The Feathertale Review